Exlibris share new video, detail release plans

Polish/Finnish power/prog metal outfit Exlibris released their third song from the upcoming album “Shadowrise”.

“All I Never Knew… is again one of those songs on the album that’s something different than what I’ve recorded before with Exlibris. The mood in the verses is similiar to Rule #1 (in my opinion at least) and then there’s this killer chorus. You simply can’t hate it.” – says lead singer Riku Turunen, who also made the lyric video for the song.
“The idea of the video kind of just came out from nowhere. I had already done three or four videos for the album and wanted to do something different than just basic motion graphics. I looked at my camera and tripod and some paper on the kitchen table and figured out to “draw” the video by hand. I was almost happy with it until I had another idea to put the first filmed part inside another one, because.. well.. two videos is more than one. And as you all know, more is more.” – he adds.

The band revealed that they had prepared a video for each of the six songs on the album and will be releasing them one by one every two weeks. The release of sixth and final song on April 17th will coincide with the physical release on CD.

“Shadowrise” is now available for preorder via their website: https://www.exlibrisband.com

Watch the video for “All I Never Knew”: