R.O.T. – “Revolution Of Two”

R.O.T. – “Revolution Of Two”
EFTM Records/Vault Lab Recordings
Melodic Death, Metalcore, Modern Death Metal from Italy

“Revolution Of Two” contains everything R.O.T. had inside when they started this project. In the lyrics you can grasp the moods, fears and emotions they have felt during the composition process whose concept is undoubtedly the rebirth that takes place after the detachment from memories and anxieties that lead to important choices, such as the man who gets rid of external influences to be the master of himself and the creator.

With “Revolution Of Two”, R.O.T. ignite a spark in the soul of those who listen to them, shaking those who are blocked by their fears.

Eddy Scissorshand (Edoardo Merlino) : Vox, Guitars
Louis Littlebrain (Luigi Cervellini) : Guitars, Programming
Bratt Spacedog (Matteo Spacagna) : Keys