Manes is back with the new single Young Skeleton out April 18th 2020

Manes is back with the new single Young Skeleton out April 18th 2020.

Their critically acclaimed 2018 album Slow Motion Death Sequence was coined “a masterclass in how to blend electro and metal textures” by Prog Magazine, and described as a mix of “brooding trip-hop, soaring alt rock and despondent gothic gloom”  by Kerrang Magazine.

The title track of the new single sees Manes further developing the atmospheric sentiment from the previous album, but in a far less electronic manner.

Manes is Tor-Helge Skei, Rune Hoemsnes, Torstein Parelius and viNd. Vocals on Young Skeleton by Tom Engelsøy. Vocals on Mouth of the Volcano by Asgeir Hatlen, Anna Murphy and Ana Carolina Skaret.

The cover of Young Skeleton depicts the sculpture “Laksefiskerens siste sommer II” by renowned Norwegian artist Kjell Erik Kili Olsen. He has also hand-drawn the logo for the front cover.

Formed in Trondheim, Norway in 1992, the music of Manes has gone through many stages of transformation up until today. With a mantra of exploration and experimentation, the music has often been hard to define by genre definition, but has once been  described as “a bastardization of rock and electronica with influences from jazz and metal.”

Manes has released 5 studio albums, several EPs, singles, and various other releases, and has  chosen to first and foremost focus on studio work and the creative aspects of music. Despite being selective and eclectic regarding live apperances, Manes has played a few gigs and festivals up through the years, both in Norway and abroad, and appreciate the possibility to experiment also in a concert setting.

Pre-orders are available now, in three different variations:
– An exclusive bundle with a handumbered, marbled colored 7″, tshirt, totebag and fully signed art card (ltd 50 copies)
– Record Store Day exclusive transparent vinyl, handnumbered in 100 copies (only available in independant recod shops on April 18!)
– Vinyl 7″, white and marbled vinyl, limited to 150 copies.

On the same day the pre-orders start, the band will also open for sales of all Manes and related items on the official Manes shop, now operated through the Aftermath Music webshop: