HYPERION – “Into the Maelstrom”

HYPERION – “Into the Maelstrom”
Fighter Records
Heavy Metal from Italy

HYPERION was born in Bologna (Italy) on November 2015 as a traditional Heavy Metal band, aiming at producing new, high energy music in the vein of classic 80’s bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Megadeth; the band’s sound is strongly characterized by heavy guitar riffing, epic vocal melodies and faster-than-light solos. 
The band is led by guitarist Davide Cotti (former Prophecy/Prophexy), main author for both music and lyrics, and counts among its ranks renew guitar virtuoso Luke Fortini (Imago Imperii, former Children of the Damned and Paul Di’Anno). 
In 2017 HYPERION produced its debut album “Dangerous Days”, which sparked interest in the underground Metal community and led the band to a two-records contract signing with Spanish label Fighter Records. 
While “Dangerous Days” was being praised by the international press for its killer guitar work, its flamboyant vocal performance and the overall 80’s feel of the production, HYPERION began promoting the album on stage, playing together with long-time established Metal bands such as Tarchon Fist, Rain, Black Phantom, and more. One of those live performances was captured in the videoclip for the song “Ultimatum”, released on November 2018. 
At the beginning of 2019 the band began rehearsing and recording nine new tracks for their second album, titled “Into the Maelstrom”. The cover artwork was drawn by official Iron Maiden and Star Wars artist Alberto Quirantes (Akirant Illustration), while mixing and mastering has been handled by Roberto Priori (from old school Hard Rock/ Metal pioneers DangerZone). 
“Into the Maelstrom” is scheduled to be published world-wide by Fighter Records in both physical and digital format on April 21st, 2020.

Carano – vocals 
Davide Cotti – guitars 
Luke Fortini – guitars 
Antonio Scalia – bass 
Marco “Jason” Beghelli – drums