OzNor – “Shattered Illusions”

OzNor – “Shattered Illusions”
Self-Released / Distrokid
Heavy metal / instrumental from Slovakia

OzNor is a one man instrumental studio project formed in 2019, mostly influenced by heavy metal. The mind behind this project is Ozi, who has been playing the guitar and writing some songs for some years but due to other activities never got to establish a full band. The framework of the songs were born between 2010 to 2019, with the musician deciding to bring his demos into life this past year.  The EP “Shattered Illusion” consists of 5 tracks and even though instrumental, it deals with the states the human mind goes through after facing disappointment. Sometimes, life doesn’t go out as you expected or the way you would want it to be, but you have to move on. Hence the songs “Shattered Illusions”, “Lost dreams”, “Contemplations”, “Silver Lining” and “Piece of Mind” represent the five states you are going through when your “dreams” don’t come true. You have to mourn, reflect on it and finally find a new vision.
Norbert (Ozi) Ozogany