AYYUR announce new album “”BALKARNIN”

After their return after nine years of silence with the EP “The Lunatic Creature” of 2018, a new EP with two new black metal tracks of powerful and deep sound with ancient mystical influences.

“BALKARNIN” is a new offering from North African band, Ayyur.

Hailing from Sousse, Tunisia, Ayyur (Avant-Garde/Atmospheric Black Metal) have joined forces with Dead Red Queen Records (US) and Bad Moon Rising (TW) to bring forth their latest hex of atmospheric Black Metal. In addition to their new EP, the b-side of the cassette contain 4 unreleased bonus tracks from 2013 – 2010 – 2008 that are exclusive to this limited edition tape with only 100 copies worldwide and comes on 3 seperate shell variants.

Ayyur : I (Avant Premiere Track):