Omnibeing Releases Debut Music Video and New Song

GEO is a new song and music video by Minsk-based instrumental project Omnibeing. As a follow up to 2019 debut album Polytheria, GEO takes a step up and moves forward from tangly song composition to a more clear and straightforward sound yet still comprises a standard of harmonic and rhythmic complexity set by the previous release. 

The music video and the song were fully self-produced by the mastermind behind Omnibeing – Belarusian guitar player Vitaly Shemetovets. Enigmatic images of wine and pomegranates in the intimacy of shabby flat on the outskirts of Tbilisi is a reference and a dedication to Georgian culture and the time spent in this country.

GEO by Omnibeing should be a great fit for everyone fond of instrumental metal and rock and especially for fans of Cloudkicker, Intronaut, Scale the Summit and Plini.