Piss On Christ – “Piss On Christ”

Piss On Christ – “Piss On Christ”
Cataclysmic Metal Records
Death metal from USA

Piss On Christ are a brutal satanic anti-christ death metal band heavily influenced by DEICIDE, Behemoth, Naglfar, etc.
Formed by Lou Giovanni (aka Dan Castrofate) the album cover is an actual picture of his real piss stream covering a beheaded crucifix and bible.
The band is now writing the second Piss On Christ album set to be released in September, and it will be fully produced by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studios who also works with Obituary, Suffocation, etc.

Cincotta has produced the first song on this debut album, “Murderers And Rapists Are Followers Of Christ And Their God Forgives Them”. Piss On Christ are hoping to get on some festivals like Maryland Deathfest.

Lou Giovanni – vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
Pat Reilly – lead guitar solos
Demitria – drums