Black Vatican – “Arcana Lament”

Black Vatican – “Arcana Lament”
Gothic Metal from USA

Black Vatican began as an idea in the summer of 2014 in the underground world of Kansas City, USA. In time it reached its physical form in late 2015. After many tests and trials the band took shape and created Cole Roberts as its guitarist and Erick Ramos as its vocalist/bassist. Their music is inspired by the shadows of the oppressed members in societies, war, lust, magic, history and mythology. They express this by combining sounds of several different genres into one; from quick black metal riffs to industrial tones, from smooth bass sounds to torturous screams, all wrapped in the beautiful melodies of keyboards and choirs. Currently they are not under any record label, but are continuously increasing popularity around the world. Their goal is to spread the Gothic influence to all and to keep it alive for future generations to experience.

Erick Ramos – vocals, bass 
Cole Roberts – guitars