Challenger – “Turned to Dust”

Challenger – “Turned to Dust”
Dying Victims Productions
Speed metal from Slovenia

Jakob And Urban started jamming in May of 2016 and started making riffs that later became the first songs of Challenger. They were both big fans of the NWOBHM scene and that sure showed in the first riffs they came up with. A while later, Mihaela Žitko (Mist) joined on drums and Blaž Tanšek picked up the bass. After their first show Mihaela gave up the drummer’s chair to an old friend Toni Pleško who they knew from Teleport. Another one around the sun and they started recording their debut EP while still playing occasional shows in local clubs. They released their debut EP Turned to Dust in april of 2019 and currently they are hard at work for their full release. 

The band comments on the EP:

«Our debut EP Turned to Dust was a kind of an introduction into the band’s musical style. We tried to find a new approach to writing songs in order to create something unique, rather than recreating what has been done time and time again in the past. The lyrics include a variety of themes and motives, from war to mythical concepts, which hopefully contribute to the ideas behind the songs. The two guitars and bass carry the main melody that is complemented by Jakob’s accurate mid- to high-range vocals. Toni’s distinctive drumming style supports the fast riffs well while making the songs very dynamic due to sudden tempo changes and interesting details throughout the EP. With this release we have laid the groundwork for our future projects, though our style and sound are still gradually changing as we are writing new material.»

Jakob Rejec – Vocals, Guitars
Urban Železnik – Guitars
Blaž Tanšek  – Bass
Toni Pleško – Drums