PURTENANCE debuts new single; Cover artwork and tracklist for new album revealed!

Legendary Finnish death metallers PURTENANCE have just revealed details of what will be their 4th album, “Buried Incarnation”, which is set to be released on June 23rd, 2020 through Xtreem Music on CD and 12 “LP format.

You can now listen to the single “Deathbed Confession” at this location:

PURTENANCE returns to the fore with their fourth album after their 2017 EP “Paradox of Existence”, where they did it as a quintet and since then have returned to a quartet formation, with the incorporation of Aabeg Gautam (from Nepal’s DYING OUT FLAME) on bass and vocals. “Buried Incarnation” is an opus with 9 cuts that continue their traditional style of heavy death metal from the old Finnish school, something they’ve been known for since their formation in 1989. The cover art has been made by Chris Moyen who has been in charge of every single one of their cover artworks since their classic debut album from ’92 “Member of Immortal Damnation”.

Tracklist for “Buried Incarnation” is as follows:
1. Into the Arctic Gloom
2. Shrouded Vision of Afterlife
3. Inside the Pyre of Enlightenment 
4. Under the Malicious Moon
5. Lifeless Profoundity
6. Deathbed Confession
7. Wrapped in Lamentation
8. Dark Womb of Nothingness
9. Burial Secrecy