Zwiespalt – “Ambivalenz”

Zwiespalt – “Ambivalenz”
Black Metal from Germany

Mainly influenced by the norwegian black metal sound of the early 90s, Zwiespalt seeks for a minimalistic punkish raw yet melancholic sound. Their debut full-length “Ambivalenz” wasrecorded and produced DIY style in their rehearsal room during 2019 and was self-released on January 10th 2020. To quote Bleeding Heart Nihilist, the indie label that took Ambivalenz in their distro ,”This is for people who miss the 90s. […] This is as pure and raw as it gets while focusing onthe melancholy essence of true black metal harmonics […] This is as simple and primitive and one-dimensional as it is perfect. If the guitars on “Transilvanian Hunger” or “Suomi Finland Perkele” give you a raging boner to this day, this album is for you.” The lyrical concept of “Ambivalenz” is based upon the eternal struggle not of different groups of mankind, but of a man in Forest’s mind. Forest (guitars) likes to paint landscapes with his words, processing his impressions but leaving room for interpretation. He draws some inspiration off of Nietzsche and other philosophers, but to keep it short these are “tales about the blessings and curses of interaction, isolation and iteration”.
Forest (Guitar, Writing, Lyrics)
Fur (Vocals)
Win (Drums)