Lucid Conformity – “Architects of Madness”

Lucid Conformity – “Architects of Madness”
Recharger Records
Metal from UK

LUCID CONFORMITY started originally as a studio project in 2017, in Nottingham, UK. Formed by Dale Linsdell ex-Merciless Terror & Tom Clarke ex-Insidious/Akarusa Yami, whom combined have racked up many years of touring experience worldwide, released records globally and performed alongside acts such as BOLT THROWER, Malevolent Creation, Benediction, Bonded by Blood and Cerebal Bore.  In their past projects, they have also performed at some reputable festivals such as; Bloodstock open-air, UK Tech-Fest, Rocktoberfest Okinawa and Oslo’s Inferno Festival. The band comments on “Architects of Madness”«We have been writing this album on an off over the last couple of years and now we have decided to finally bring this machine off of the ground and get the gears rolling. It is a perfect mixture of our many influences in the metal genre with lots of mechanical tight riffage, brutal barrage of aggressive vocals, sweeping solos and melodic singing too! The full package is there and it is a taster of whats to come in the future for the band as we have already began the writing process for album no.2.»
Dale Linsdell
Tom Clarke