Mary & The Highwalkers – “Hounds”

Mary & The Highwalkers – “Hounds”
Blackened Sludge Metal from Poland

Mary & The Highwalkers is a band from Warsaw, Poland that serves an original mix of sludge, stoner, black metal and space – they describe themselves as Blackened Sludge.

A quartet in the classic composition of guitar, bass and drums + beautiful and frightening female vocal straight from the Caucasus, M&TH started as an instrumental trio playing Stoner / Doom, debuting with EP “Chapter One: Cognition” in April 2017 which was faithful to the idea of DIY, but the band has since changed to a completely different identity.

The Highwalkers recorded their debut full-length album “Hounds” at Kongo Studio near Warsaw (mix, mastering: Jacek Stasiak). The current line-up of Mary & The Highwalkers has been performing live since September 2018. Since then, they have played 30+ concerts throughout Poland, sharing the stage with bands such as Whores, Big + Brave or Belzebong.

Anastasia “Rodya” Beda – vocal
Krzysztof “Krzychu” Lesiński – guitar
Mateusz “Malara” Malarski – bass
Piotr “Wuku” Wlekliński – drums