Aeterna Tenebrae – “Maledictus aeternum”

Aeterna Tenebrae – “Maledictus aeternum”
Ossuaire Records
Pagan Black Metal from France

Aeterna Tenebrae was born in torment after several years of compositions, arrangements and reworkings, still waiting for the name, the concept and the texts that could fit the music.

BC was then joined by FOG in this cause, who brought organic rhythm as well as macabre lyricism and thus the ambitious orientation was sealed.

2019 becomes the year where the first album is released, on their respective labels. 
This opus dwells on the artistic madness, lost in the meanders of the forbidden, where cursed generations are sinking towards madness and death.

Melodies and dark poetry are taking the listeners on an extreme epic journey through history, by the shape of a pagan and traditional heavy black metal.

BC – guitars, bass, synths
FOG – drums, vocals