Mutant Disease – “Chaos Emperor”

Mutant Disease – “Chaos Emperor”
Thrash Metal/Doom Metal from US

Mutant Disease is one man’s epic quest to single-handedly create a new sonic paradigm by appealing to all the greatness of The Old Metal Titans while embracing the strengths of the modern mastersSince 2010, the metallic edge of Mutant Disease has been carefully honed to a fine point. Imbued with arcane might, the lone metal warrior rides out; armed and dangerous, ready to rock the world.. “Chaos Emperor” may be understood as an experimental/transitional work. This release takes a more raw and heavy approach to metal and owes heavily to the doomed and dreary masters such as Black Sabbath, Cirith Ungol and Pentagram. The goal was to take that sound and figure out how to merge it with thrash metal, in order to be able to sound like an 80s record without being cliche or derivative.

Aaron Byrd