Heksebrann – “Spiritual Descending”

Heksebrann – “Spiritual Descending”
Black/Heavy Metal from Germany

Times weren’t easy for the town of Görlitz in the early 90s after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Economic problems and a dreary lack of prospects. Yet in these times an engaged and passionate Punk, Metal and Hardcore scene began to develop. In true DIY spirit dozens of shows were organized and several top-notch band projects were formed. Big and small bands alike shared tiny stages in sweaty livingroom sized venues at energy fueled shows.
All of that was the inspiration for Marko, Julius and Mario. After gaining experience in several other band projects, Heksebrann formed in 2016. The trio plays a mix between Heavy Rock and Metal. With energetic vocals and on point progressive parts they deliver a wide musical spectrum. Among their direct influences they count bands like High On Fire, Motörhead, Solstafir and Kvelertak. In February of 2018 they released a demo tape with 3 songs. After that, they played shows with bands like Age of Woe, Nikander, Vulcano, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar, Pest Hole etc. In April of 2020 they finished work on their debut album “Spiritual Descending” which was released on 1st Mai 2020. All of the songs on the album were recorded and mixed by the band members themselves in their own studio.

Julius – Vocals/Guitar
Mario – Bass
Marko – Drums