Ande – “Vossenkuil”

Ande – “Vossenkuil”
Atmospheric Black Metal from Belgium

Ande is a Belgian one man black metal band started by Jim in early 2015. It’s a personal way to be a part of the black metal movement that was, is and will be.

Influences range from second wave black metal to atmospheric and post black metal bands, especially Burzum, Wolves In The Throne Room, Altar of Plagues, Year Of No Light, …

The band name originates from an old Dutch word which stands for intense emotions like repent, passion and anger.

The latest recordings, entitled “Vossenkuil” are inspired by fading memories, melancholy, tradition and nature. The album, containing 8 tracks including intro, outro and a Lugubrum cover, lasts for a bit over 40 minutes. Professionally mixed and mastered at Studio Jupiter (BE). “Vossenkuil” is scheduled for release in digital and physical format in April 2020.

Previous releases by Ande are “Licht” (2015), “Het Gebeente” (2017), and exclusive tracks “Zoer” and “De Scherts” for the “Merchants Of Air Year 2” and “Antichrist” compilations. The albums were self-released on digital and CD format, with a tape edition of “Het Gebeente” released by Blackwood Productions (UK). They caught the attention of media and black metal fans worldwide. An EP entitled “Rademaker”, recorded in 2017, is currently on the release schedule of Slaughterhouse Records (USA).