Descend – “The Deviant”

Descend – “The Deviant”
Aftermath Music
Progressive death metal from Sweden

With masterful compositions and technical brilliance, Descend unleash their third fullength album on June 26, titled «The Deviant». 
An album with a high level of musicianship and expertise in the progressive death metal genre, Descend have taken the steps nescessary to build themselves up, finally creating their milestone album after many years of hard work.

Born and based in Stockholm, Sweden, the progressive death metal act DESCEND blends brutal death metal riffage with mezmerising lead guitar melodies and calm acoustics to create a truly unique atmosphere. Coming from two critically acclaimed releases – «Through The Eyes Of The Burdened» (2011, Supernova Records) and «Wither» (2014, Inverse Records) – the band is right now preparing to unleash their third album «The Deviant» this June through Aftermath Music. The album has been recorded at Wing Studios, Stockholm, with Sverker Widgren (Diabolical) as producer.

Originally, Descend was founded in 2003 by guitarist Andreas Lindström and started out as a thrash metal band. As the years passed, the line-up changed and with it, also the music. In 2008 Alexander Wijkman (guitar) and Nima Farhadian (vocals) joined. Descend was now a five piece. With this line up the band recorded an EP (The Reckoning, ’09), resulting in a record deal with Supernova Records through which they released their first full length album ‘Through the Eyes of the Burdened’ (2011).

In 2012, Descend entered the studio again and recorded Wither which was released January 2014 through Inverse Records. Wither brough great reviews and a lot of attention to the band. German Legacy Magazine rated it 15/15 and according to NoCleanSinging “their [Descend’s] new record Wither kicks a fuck ton of ass.”

Since 2017, Raul Vicente (bass) and Emil Nissilä (drums) have joined the band and Descend’s lineup is again complete.


Andreas Lindström, guitars
Alexander Wijkman, guitars
Nima Farhadian Langroudi, vocals
Raul Vicente, bass
Emil Nissilä, drums