Vermilia – “Keskeneräisiä tarinoita” (Unfinished Stories)

Vermilia – “Keskeneräisiä tarinoita” (Unfinished Stories)
Atmospheric Pagan/Black Metal from Finland

VERMILIA (Finland) Pagan/Black Metal artist for fans of Myrkur, Moonsorrow, Emperor, Ulver, Bathory

With over 300 000 streams on spotify. 

Her debut album “Kätkyt” was one of the most best selling metal albums on bandcamp during the weekend of pre-release announced. First 2 cd presses were sold out with the following special c-cassette boxes less than a 3 days after release. “Kätkyt” received huge amount of praise in different medias printed/online.

On march 1st 2019, She announced her cover version of finnish anthem song called “Täällä Pohjantähden Alla” which has been huge success on spotify. After the release it jumped on number 1# most viral songs in Finland on official spotify charts. By now with over 300 000 streams Vermilia released on may 20th, 2020 her anticipated EP “Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita” and  working follow up for the debut  “Kätkyt” . First confirmed show was 2020 is Cernunnos Pagan Fest (France). 


August 7-9, 2020 –  ZOBENS UN LEMESS (Latvia)

February, 12th,2021 – FROSTFEUERNÄCHTE (Germany)

February 13th, 2021 –  HEATHEN ASSAULT OVER BRNO III (Czech)

May 13-15, 2021 –  DARK TROLL FESTIVAL (Germany)  

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