Miasma Records & Vomit Your Shirt
Brutal Death Metal from germany

… someone who believes in the philosophy that Earth would be far better off without people living on it, thus welcoming the extermination of all human life on the planet…

Founded in the year 2007 as a one-man project by guitarist Alexander Pohl (former PHILOSOPHER, CRYPTIC RITUAL), Extinctionist started with a clear musical approach: “No song slower than 220 bpm, no song longer than 2 minutes.”
Although that somewhat “Grindcore-Attitude” changed over time towards slightly longer (but not slower) songs, EXTINCTIONIST lost nothing on their brutality and to-the-core precise killing approach.
Soon to be completed by Grimo on vocals, Denis on second guitar and drummer Christoph in 2008, EXTINCTIONIST became a deadly Live-Commando leaving nothing but devastated lands while playing venues throughout Germany. Their fanbase grew steady since then, their first release ALL FLESH MUST BE EATEN was downloaded over 150.000 times and raised quite a buzz among Brutalheads and the Metal Press.

In 2011 the full length album WORLD EXTINCTION was released and a few shows were played.
Between this and the following year the band’s lineup had to face changes. 
Grimo (now CYTOTOXIN), Christoph and Alex left the band in good terms. 
New members were found in Christian, supporting EXTINCTIONIST with his great vocals and Jörg, playing the bass guitar, thanks to whom the sound became much better and heavier. 

In 2013 EXTINCTIONIST joined forces with the Label RISING NEMESIS RECORDS.

In March 2014, Florian entered the band on drums. 
Throughout this whole year the band played a lot of Festivals and shows such as Berlin Death Fest, Las Vegas Death Fest and Nice To Eat You Death Fest. 
In November 2014 the second full length album PORTALS OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL INVASIONS was released via Rising Nemesis Records, providing more brutality. 

Denny joined in as the second guitarist in 2016.
More shows were played such like UK Slam Fest and a Mini-Tour to support the European Tour of Extermination Dismemberment, Korpse, Begging for Incest and Embryectomy. 

Following personal decisions, Florian and Jörg left the band in 2018.

In 2019, Jakob joined the band as the new drummer, completing the lineup once again and ending the silence towards the next album. 

As of 2020, EXTINCTIONIST is signed to Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt for the release of their third full length album, OBSIDIAN, in June.

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