Kilanerin – “A War Against The World”

Kilanerin – “A War Against The World”
Lazz Music
Melodic Metal from Norway/Ireland

Kilanerin is a progpower metal/rock opera project founded and led by Lazz Jensen, guitarist and producer of Norwegian progpower metal band Oceans of Time. Since the 2020’s debut, the COVID-19 themed “A war against the World”, Lazz has enlisted a who’s-who cast of European and American metal musicians and singers for his songs. The origins of the name Kilanerin came from the place the studio is located in Ireland. Kilanerin in Gaelic is ‘Coill an Iarainn’ meaning “forest of Iron”. Lazz thought this name embodied what he wanted to achieve with this project – a place with metal in its soul and a celebration of diversity and strength.

Each song in the Kilanerin catalogue offers a different concept and narrative articulated by a core group and a plethora of guests, including Ben Rodgers (Tellus Requiem), Jan Thore Grefstad (Saint Deamon), the late Tony Mills (TNT, Shy), Ole Peter Johansen Chylie (Dream Police), Damage Karlsen (Chrome Devision), Nicolas Main Henriksen (Above Symmetry), Bolt (Blood Red Throne), Mats Haugen (Circus Maximus) plus many more…

Lazz Jensen – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synth, Backing Vocals, Mix and Master
Ben Rodgers – Vocals
Martina Jensen – Backing Vocals