Mortis Mutilati – “The Fate Of Flight 800”

Mortis Mutilati – “The Fate Of Flight 800”
Black Metal from France

Mortis Mutilati is a French black metal band created by Macabre in 2011. After two albums released via Naturmacht Productions, the band started touring a bit everywhere in their home country then self released ”The Stench Of Death” in 2018, allowing the band to reach euopean countries and Mexico. Mortis Mutilati is now about to release their 4th album ”The Fate Of Flight 800”, recorded by Devo (ex-Marduk) at Endarker Studios, Sweden.

Macabre: vocals, guitars, bass, cello, synth
Rokdhan: guitars
Aryth: drums
Asphodel: vocals (female)
Obsidian: live guitarist