Soul Grinder – “Chronicles Of Decay”

Soul Grinder – “Chronicles Of Decay”
Black Sunset / MDD
Death Metal from Germany

Founded in Bremen in January 2018, Soul Grinder have been committed to old-school death metal since they played their very first note together. After a successful run with the EP “Sadistic Parasite” released in the same year, the band is now back with their debut full-length “Chronicles of Decay” to prove that they can live up to the expectations created around their previous effort.

“Chronicles of Decay” features 11 new tracks of the finest death metal, from blast speed attacks to groovy steamrollers and mystical hymns. Keeping it as brutal as one can ask for, the band offers a strong range of influences with their debut.

“Chronicles of Decay” was recorded and produced by the band itself, featuring several guest appearances from members of Negator, Endseeker and Fear Connection.

Artwork by american artist Riddick Art, who’s been known for his logo and cover designs since 1991.

Mathias Junge – Vocals / Bass
Jan Resmer – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Matè “Balrogh” Balogh – Drums