Death pop collective Idiot Robot publishes video for “Everytime”; new album due out September 4

Death pop collective Idiot Robot have published a video for “Everytime”, which is taken off the band’s upcoming self-titled album, due out September 4, 2020, via Dead Games Records. You can watch the video at this location:

Death Pop? What is that? What if you mixed- Husker Du, Pixies, R.E.M., Bob Segar and Foo Fighters with NYC Hardcore and 90’s death metal vocals? That’s what death pop aims to be! Weirdo, outsider, catchy and avant; those are some of the tags one can use to describe Idiot Robot, which are set to release their 11 track self-titled album via Dead Games Records on September 4, 2020.

Idiot Robot creates music they find interesting and now it’s your turn to explore and see what treasures await your aural pathway.

This duo from the Bay Area of Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, have been creating music with bands such as Space King, Cosmic Punch (TMG/ Knife Fight), As All Die (Crowd Control Activities/ Fracture Spaces), Long Winters Stare ( Dark Symphonies) Black Depths Grey Waves ( Aesthetic Death) and Until the Sky Dies ( Cimmerian Shade).