Vanhelga – “Dagar som denna” (single)

Vanhelga – “Dagar som denna”
Sommar records
Depressive Black Metal from Sweden

“Dagar som denna” is a song from VANHELGA’s new and highly anticipated material. They continue to explore the dark sides of reality, this time in a more twisted, innovative and obscure fashion. At this point they are a popular and established name within the scene.

“Right now the only thing I can reveal is that the album will be released, in digipak format,  through Sommar records, 13th November this year.” says the bands vocalist 145188.

With this release the band breaks all boundaries regarding genres which makes it unique and unconventional in many ways.

“I’m sure a lot of people who have experienced or are going through depression can relate.” says guitarist J. Ejnarsson.

‘Dagar som denna’ translates into ‘Days like these’ and we are all familiar with those days, when everything you can hope for is for them to finally end. But the band emphasize the importance of these days and points out that they are equally, if not more, valuable as every other day.

Pre-orders will be available through or in the near future.