Ground Meat – “Pathological Silence”

Ground Meat – “Pathological Silence”
Dead Artist Records
Modern Groove Metal from Chile

Santiago, Chile-based groove metal band GROUND MEAT came together in 2009. A project primarily rooted in thrash and melodic death metal, in 2015 came through with their debut album UNBORN. Without previous warning, the quintet went straight ahead with the 10 songs that would define their sound and gain praise over the Chilean media outlet, establishing themselves as one of the most promising bands within the genre. 

Over the course of 5 years and after a significant change in formation, the band began to consolidate the sound that would henceforth become their trademark… a sound recognizable as their own. All the hard work finally came to fruition with the release of their 2020 album PATHOLOGICAL SILENCE (under the novel record label Dead Artist Records), a demolishing new creation that is currently available on all digital platforms.

Usually, compared to metal titans such as early MESHUGGAH and LAMB OF GOD, GROUND MEAT is all about heaviness and technique, and they sure know how to deliver them along with strong musical hooks and a take-no-prisoners approach which will remind you of the late 90’s and early 00’s metal glories, along with a hint of post-2010 progressive metal: A match made in hell between the old and the new.

Christofer Oros – vocals
Cristóbal Narváez – bass & backing vocals
Camilo Céspedes – guitar
Ricardo Muñoz – guitar
Raúl Guevara – drums