Zorya’s new album, “Primeval”, already out!

Zorya is a Slovenian atmospheric post-black metal duo and they released their 2nd EP “Primeval” a few days ago.
“Primeval” was released on May 10th and features 4 tracks with lyrics inspired byold Slavic beliefs and worshipping nature, while heavily intertwined with personal experience.The music is an interesting mix of background ambient wash, screaming black metal vocals, puddling percussion, and melodic post-rock, which is sometimes dark. Music might be considered as much noise as it is post-black metal/post-rock. In sometracks, the attitude seems experimental, especially in the way the mood in individual tracks develops and is sustained by pauses or sparse instrumentation with little distortion. Songs certainly come across as fragmented, with the metal or rock parts suddenly dropping into ambient or orchestral wash and back.
The album artwork tells a story of the relationship between humans and nature turning from a symbiotic to a destructive one.
Tracklist:1. Flies Without The Light2. Waterfall3. Yarilo4. Nature
SOCIAL LINKS:https://www.facebook.com/Zorya.official20https://www.instagram.com/zoryabandhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsYZ82KGXl9qRHEvsZyYTghttps://ffm.to/zorya