Synthwave US band Permanent Phase released new single “Katalina”

Between its callback to Phil Collin’s esque synth vibes to its electric guitar-laden, pulse-pounding beat, “Katalina” is a throwback to what was great about 80s synth pop and the invincibility of youth and hope. Permanent Phase finds its synthwave footing with a tune that plays like a summer night, cruising with the best of friends, when anything is possible and where you unexpectedly find yourself with your very own counterpart, wondering if it’s too good to be true & “where have you been?”

J. Seda IV – Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Chris Seda – Drums, Synth Bass, Synth Pad
Josh Angehr – Synths, Production

FFO: The Midnight, The Night Game, FM-84, The Police, New Order, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode