Vulcanodon Phazer’s “High on the Fly!” – An Unrestrained Act of Music Creation

Vulcanodon Phazer, a psychedelic doom metal band, is back with a new offering to captivate their audience with their latest album “High on the Fly!” Presented by Bud Metal Records, this album is a fresh take on the unconventional, building on the tradition of its forerunner, “Sorcerers of Avalon.”

A Raw and Psychedelic Journey
“High on the Fly!” offers a rare and unfiltered musical experience, taking listeners on a profoundly psychedelic trip. More than a mere collection of songs, the album is a record of unbridled musical experimentation. It showcases a musical adventure captured through raw recordings, transcending conventional songwriting and studio techniques.

Vintage Instruments and a New Dynamic
The vintage soundscape of the album is enhanced by the ’68 Sunn Sceptre amplifier, contributing an authentic ’60s surf tone reminiscent of “Sorcerers of Avalon.” Combined with the intriguing inclusion of theremin, a vintage electronic instrument that has assumed a central role in this album, it creates a distinct ambiance as heard in the track “Dracula AD 2022.”

The bass frequencies from the Sunn Sceptre are preserved by skipping the addition of a bass track, a deliberate choice to maintain the richness of sound without muddying the recordings.

Adding to the dynamism is the inclusion of Charlie Handsome, known from the Kelowna punk scene. On lead guitars and backing vocals, Charlie brings a raw, unfiltered vibe that meshes perfectly with the band’s experimental approach.

Unwritten and Unrehearsed: A Unique Layering Process
The album’s spontaneous essence is encapsulated through a unique layering process. Instrumental tracks are layered over improvised drums and guitars, resulting in a vibrant collection that maintains a delicate equilibrium between structure and raw energy. The album’s title, “High on the Fly!” speaks volumes about this creative spontaneity.

The Influence of Cannabis and Motor Sports
Cannabis is a notable factor in Vulcanodon Phazer’s creative process, imbuing their music with a unique psychedelic quality, described as “cannabis-infused sonic alchemy.” The influence is also seen in the shift from doom metal to a sound inspired by the early ’90s desert fuzz scene and dirt biking culture. This love for high-energy motor sports is reflected in the bright Kawasaki Green and Blue album cover, standing in contrast to the typical dark themes of the genre.

A Listening Guide for the Uninitiated
For those new to Vulcanodon Phazer, “Jet Jaguar” serves as an exhilarating introduction to the band’s distinctive sound, offering dueling theremin leads, Rainbow Machine pedal-shaped guitar tones, and an anthemic sing-along chorus.

A Musical Experiment that Pays Off
“High on the Fly!” embodies Vulcanodon Phazer’s dedication to pure, unscripted creativity. From its recording process, based on improvised jam sessions, to its retro musical elements, it stands as a testament to the band’s bold innovation.

The use of unrehearsed tracks may have been a risk, but careful layering and a commitment to the project’s free-flowing authenticity have resulted in a cohesive final product. Unexpected surprises and raw elements are left intact, offering a sonic experience that transcends the norm.

An advance Bandcamp release is available at Bud Metal Records, and the full album will be released on all digital/streaming platforms starting August 18, 2023.

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“High on the Fly!” is an album for those who crave a fresh and exciting approach to psychedelic rock. A collection of unique and thrilling songs, it assures Vulcanodon Phazer’s position in the vanguard of the genre, defying conventions and redefining the very spirit of psychedelic rock. Whether a devoted fan or a curious newcomer, this album is a must-listen, marking the next thrilling chapter in Vulcanodon Phazer’s musical journey.