Across Antarctica – “2: The Next Puddle Realm”

Label: Cataclysmic Metal Records
Format: CD | DIGITAL

Eight months after their debut album, New York old-school death metallers Across Antarctica are back with its follow-up “2: The Next Puddle Realm”, with Joe Cincotta and Pat Reilly, from Full Force Studio and Big Cat Tracking, respectively, being responsible for the production work that represents a huge leap for the band. Across Antarctica are already working on their 3rd album and their goal is to play Maryland Deathfest every year!


  1. The Next Puddle Realm
  2. Ice-Plane Anomaly
  3. Contact
  4. Hostile Forces
  5. Violence Erupts
  6. Banished From Home-Realm Centauri
  7. We Are True North
  8. Endless Dark Ice-Plane

Dan Castro – vocals & bass, rhythm guitars
Pat Reilly – lead guitar solos
Leo Worrell McClain – drums