Aeons Confer – “Zero Elysium”

Aeons Confer – “Zero Elysium”
Release date: 29/11/2019

With their new epic science-fiction based album, AEONS CONFER lets huge celestial bodies, driven by the dark twin star of the sun, penetrate deep into the planet’s surface. Following the dystopian concept album SYMPHONIES OF SATURNUS, the metal band from Hamburg, Germany, founded by brothers Nils and Simon Wrobel, breaks through like a wave of numerous gigantic asteroids on a catastrophic course of destruction with ZERO ELYSIUM.

The completely self-produced album by Simon Wrobel, in which a protagonist encounters a special scientific phenomenon with which he wants to save earth from a superior force from space, combines fast, technical guitar riffs at the highest level, brute blast and double bass attacks, orchestral passages and icy industrial fragments, as well as bloodcurdling aggressive shouting and clear, melodious singing. As with SYMPHONIES OF SATURNUS, AEONS CONFER uses sci-fi elements as well as a futuristic soundscape as an essential part of the lyrics.

The ones who have witnessed the live force of AEONS CONFER on festivals like Summerbreeze (DE), Tuska (FI), Metaldays (SVN) as well as with countless club gigs, will be looking forward to the energetic live performance of ZERO ELYSIUM. AEONS CONFER is exemplary for aggressive sci-fi orotundity on stage just as on record, which not only fans of extreme metal styles will be overwhelmed by.