Agon – “Strip the Power”

Agon – “Strip the Power”
Extreme metal, black metal, death metal, grind core from US

«Strip the Power is the first single off my upcoming EP that will be released soon. During these past few months, I have been writing this song along with five other songs for a project where I wanted to create anthemic pieces of protest against the powerful grasp of government and its oppression that punches down onto its populace. I was originally intending the project to aim towards the presidential administration that is currently in power. Though it does target the administration, today’s current events have shown more about the overall American system that has been in place before the actions done by the current president. These past years have shown a staggering increase in the already divided American populace put into action by the current administration and the consequences it has created during these current times and for the times to come. These actions have led Americans to see its country as fearful, immoral, distrustful, inept of peace and unity, and deadly. The system has placed its forces with the power to be capable to control one’s life, deciding when it’s time to end it and defend its decisions as acts of justice. These acts of violence caused by police brutality throughout the decades of American history have shown that this justice system is nothing but that. It has shown its true colours of blood-red rather than trustworthy blue. We will not abide. We will not submit. The only way is for this system to topple down from the mountain its murderers have built, to burn down what its foundations have created, and to arise from the ashes as a new system where the justice we look up to is the one we trust and depend on our lives on. Strip the Power.»

Andre Basora – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum program