Billions of Miles Along The Endless Dark Ice-Plane

Artist: Across Antarctica
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 30-6-2021
Genre: Death/heavy metal
For fans of: Deicide, Death, Judas Priest

About Album

Across Antarctica is on fire, their new and 3rd album “Billions of Miles Along The Endless Dark Ice-Plane”, only 6 months after the second and a little over a year since their first album was released, was released in April.
“Billions of Miles Along The Endless Dark Ice-Plane” has a little bit of that polished death metal vibe, but it still sounds very raw and old-school.
1. Billions of Miles Along The Infinite Dark Ice-Plane (ft. Ripper Owens)
2. Back In The Holodeck (Centauri Realm Program)
3. Realm of the Nephilim
4. Centauri Program Vacation
5. Journey’s End? (instrumental)
6. Reptilian Flickers
7. Spying On The Reptilians (ft. Ripper Owens)
8. Escape The Nephilim
9. I Guess I Am Just A Program Out Of Time
Dan Castro – vocals & bass, rhythm guitars
Pat Reilly – lead guitar solos
The Predator – drums
Produced by Joe Cincotta @ Full Force Studio
Dan Castro’s rhythm guitars, bass, and vocals were recorded at Full Force Studio
Pat Reilly recorded his guitar solo at his home studio Big Cat Tracking
The Predator recorded his drums in his home studio.
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