Black Sky

Artist: Seventh Dimension
Label: Corrupted Records
Release Date: 18-6-2021
Genre: prog metal

About Album

After the successful ambitious double-CD concept album that was the band’s third album ‘The Corrupted Lullaby’, Seventh Dimension has this time chosen to go the opposite direction to contrast their previous release.
Influenced by bands such as ‘Dream Theater’, ‘Opeth’ and ‘Symphony X’, Seventh Dimension has this time aimed for an aggressive album packed with their heaviest side so far.
To deviate from some of their old habits, most of the songs bring a punch right from the get-go and maintains its heaviness throughout the song. This doesn’t mean that the album is nothing but heaviness, however, as there are a couple of tracks that will bring things down to give the album some dynamics and moments to breathe.
There are also a couple of songs that mix this new direction with the classic storytelling style of the band, elevating some of the main themes of the album. But aside from some of the fictional stories on the album, we also find some of the most personal lyrics from the band so far. It is a new, fresh, and dark set of themes added to the library of Seventh Dimension’s growing repertoire.
Luca Delle Fave – Guitars
Rikard Wallström – Bass
Marcus Thorén – Drums
Erik Bauer – Keyboards
Nico Lauritsen – Vocals
Produced by Luca Delle Fave & Anthony Berlin
Guitars & back vocals recorded in Tokyo, Japan
Additional instruments recorded in Stockholm, Sweden
Additional percussion and vocals recorded at Milk Studios, Norrköping, Sweden
Engineered by Seventh Dimension & Anthony Berlin
Mixed & mastered by Anthony Berlin at Anthony Berlin Studios
Cover artwork by Pierre-Alain D. / 3mmi Design – www.3mmi.org
Band photos by Sean McLatchie Lewthwaite

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