Black Thrash Mass

Artist: Wratheon
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 26-3-2021
Genre: Black Thrash Metal
For fans of: Hellripper, Abbath, Kreator, Devastator...

About Album

Five tracks of raw, bloody and beautiful black thrash. Wratheon’s new album (already out), is thriving at the moment.
Black Thrash Mass” was released a few weeks ago and is calling for your listening. 
The true spirit of metal is found in the chill of night beneath a star-studded sky, miles from the infringing pollution of human society. It flares into life beneath the lights of the concert hall where the noise and unity hold the darkness of the world at bay. It’s in a last warrior’s embrace before a final, hopeless yet glorious combat and in an exhilarating flight of the imagination or the perfect dream. It is the companion voice in times of stark, unbelievable pain and the steel of defiance when you hang above a chasm of despair. It is the endless forest, the towering mountain, solitude and strength, adrenaline and power, ice and fire and the perfectly chosen notes that speak the language of the soul.
All of that spirit cries out from Wratheon’s Black Thrash Mass; a seething entity of venomous riffs, a rush of icy melodies and snarling, impassioned vocals. The raging flames of thrash metal collide with the bitter cold of black metal’s vast vistas and explode in a blinding cataclysm of metallic intensity, while the guitars sing out those essential notes, infused with the eternal feeling that you can understand but never explain. The sheer exhilaration of ‘A Fire Burns’, the glorious release of ‘In Seance’ and the depth and poignancy of ‘Life’ provide the foundations of an EP that positively radiates an accomplished brilliance and crackles with the excitement of huge potential and greatness to come. Behind the painted, shrouded face of Wratheon lies a deep and unquestionable understanding of what metal really is and how it connects to the hearts of those who worship at its altars.Wratheon first announced his intent to release this vehement strike back in the summer of 2020, but every hour of the wait for its demonic detonation has been worth it. When the five songs of raw, bloody and beautiful black thrash are raging against deceit and oppression nothing else matters. For these precious minutes, there is only metal, there is only Wratheon, there is only the glory of the Black Thrash Mass. Available from March 26th this is absolutely unmissable.

Wratheon – all music and vocals

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