Cold Thirst

Artist: Meursault Omega
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 28-3-2021
Genre: Thrash Industrial Noise Metal
For fans of: Celtic Frost, Sonic Youth, Rammstein

About Album

“Cold Thirst” is the latest album from Italian band Meursault Omega, a particular project focused on the death penalty, a sort of psychedelic journey involving different artists and vocalists from the Italian metal scene. The sonic tapestry creates an atmosphere of agony on which works different voices.
Cliff Scott: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Samples
Chiara Manese: Vocals
Francesca Tosi: Vocals
Asator Ægishjálmur (Alessandro Briganti): Vocals
Simona Guerrini: Vocals
Lunaria Wistful (Monica Calvieri): Vocals
Carlo Fiore: Keyboards, Synth
Matteo Venegoni: Lead Guitar
Recorded in Heaven Full of Astronauts Studios
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