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Darkness Embrace II: The Oakenford Chronicles

Artist: BlackEternal
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 13-1-2021
Genres: Black metal, Cinematic, Symphonic
For fans of: Cinematic story-telling, Atmospheric / Symphonic black metal, Horror movies...

About Album

Format: Digital
Country: United States

BlackEternal is like something you haven’t heard before, completely different approach to not only symphonic black metal, but metal as a whole.

The band tells a horror stories not only through symphonic black metal music and cinematic atmosphere, BlackEternal hired professional actors to come into the studio and play the roles of the characters within the story. There is a plot, Characters and even story-twists. Listening to BlackEternal is very much like experiencing a movie unfold in your ears as it is a full story from start to finish told by actors, the lyrics, and the music together as one put together the entire picture.

Darkness Embrace II: The Oakenford Chronicles” is the 3rd full length album, acting as a direct sequel to their last release “Darkness Embrace” however all their previous releases are true to this cinematic style.

On the evening of January 13th 2020 ..
A team of paranormal investigators ventured deep into the depths of the legendary Oakenford Castle to conduct an investigation into the reported hauntings. During their EVP session they awoke something from the other side. . Something sinister…Something evil…

On the following morning, the sole survivor; Tiffany J. Morgan was found on the brink of death. Severely injured, paralyzed and covered in blood. She told a maniacal tale. A tale of a demonic attack. A Sinister Entity to blame for the death of everyone at the castle that night. The bodies of her closest friends, her fiancée, and 13 other victims all brutally decimated. Found mentally unfit to stand trial for their murders and haunted by the voices of the demonic spirits she once escaped, she is now confined to a padded cell at Oakwood Isle. A dilapidated psychiatric hospital reserved only for the most deranged, violent murderers and the criminally insane. This is her story… These are The Oakenford Chronicles.

With dark, haunting melodies, Ice-cold synth, Demonic vocals and melodic guitars, BlackEternal’s sequel to “Darkness Embrace” will take you back into the realm of Haunting Symphonic Black Metal. Prepare to be submerged into a cinematic tale of madness, insanity and absolute horror As BlackEternal welcomes you to “Darkness Embrace Part 2: The Oakenford Chronicles”


1. The Oakenford Chronicles (Prologue)
2. Pavor Nocturnus
3. Chronicles I
4. Voices From The Crypt
5. Halls of Madness
6. Chronicles II
7. Nocturnem Infernalis
8. The Haunting of Oakwood Isle (Intermission)
9. Thorne’s Domain
10. Chronicles III
11. Demonic Spirits II
12. Darkness Embrace II
13. Capta Est (Chronicles IV)

BlackEternal is ‘Nightmare Eternal’ – on vocals and all instruments.

All songs recorded, edited mixed and mastered at Area 51 Studios in Henderson NV using Studio one 4 professional

Website: www.BlackEternal.com
Bandcamp: https://blacketernal.bandcamp.com/releases
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NightmareEternal
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC46mpEuoYG8P6-r0AAGAPuw/featured
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6D8zj2AYSbrwnxuPpLi6rP
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/blacketernal/1317188234