Die Almosen der Wunde

Artist: Vergeblichkeit
Label:  Narcoleptica Productions
Release Date: 15-4-2021

About Album

Uniting diverse extreme metal with the 90s / 80s gothic influence in unique ways, Austria’s Vergeblichkeit is releasing its sixth album “Die Almosen der Wunde” (“The Alms of the Wound”) on a physical medium, available as a limited CD edition in digipack format made by Narcoleptica Productions or as a free download via Bandcamp.
Since its first public release in 2015, Vergeblichkeit (“futility” in german) is the expression in music, vocals, lyrics, and images of eintrostlosespferd exclusively without any outside influence or participation. This music is made solely for itself, for the purpose of self-perception and self-reflection, and does not serve any commercial purpose or ulterior motive. Therefore the entire discography is also available as a free download.
Since the beginning of the project, the lyrical themes revolve around the futility of existence and the impermanence of the inner self-expressed through a lyrical language that is equally influenced by german romanticism in spirit, as by its own abstract word and symbol system.
The current release deals thematically with the self-harm that is life and existence itself: “Here the trail of blood runs inwards, on tangled chains. There is only futile grace in the distress of the inner self that cannot exist without ebbing and flowing and alienating itself. It is to wait and kneel and beg for the alms of the wound.”
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