Dystopia et Disturbia MMXXI

Artist: Tristwood
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 18-6-2021
Genre: Industrial Black/Death Metal
For fans of: Dodheimsgard, Zyklon, Void, Anaal Nathrakh, Satyricon, Napalm Death

About Album

As Tristwood celebrates 20 years their third LP “Dystopia Et Disturbia” finally gets a CD version with a massive amount of 9 bonus tracks, recorded between 2001 and 2007. Originally released as a free download in December 2010, this final version not only features the 2011 mix and master by Deimon but also comes with an all-new cover, layout, and liner notes, limited to 50 copies worldwide. Handnumbered and signed.
“Dystopia et Disturbia” is the third album and fifth release of the avant-garde extreme metal band Tristwood. The album, originally distributed for free in 2010 by Romanian netlabel Asiluum, is now officially released for the first time as a CD and via Bandcamp, making it accessible to a wider audience. “It was simply important to us that we honor our third album “Dystopia et Disturbia” through a physical release. It is probably our most powerful and hardest recording. And it is the one that demanded the most from us as artists. All the sorrow, the loss, the darkness that surrounded the music group at the time can be seen in the sound and composition of “Dystopia et Disturbia”,” reports Neru, one of the two guitarists in Tristwood.
The album is being thrown on the market as an exclusive release with a lot of previously unreleased material.
On the one hand, the release contains early sound collages of Tristwood from the early days of the band, but also the exclusive track “Stormcode”, which was completed for this first official release of “DeD”. Furthermore, exclusive liner notes and lyrical collages were added to this one. “We’re just glad that our fanbase talked us into releasing the album on a regular basis. ,” adds Neru.
Deimon – Synths, Vocals
Jegger – Guitars, Vocals
Neru – Guitars
JD – Bass Guitars
HMG – Drums and Percussion

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