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Artist: Miseria Ultima
Label: Advoxya Records / Inverse Records
Release Date: 15-1-2020
Genre: Dark Electro / EBM / Aggrotech/ Gothic
For fans of: Hocico, Agonoize, Nachtmahr, Cygnosic, The Kovenant, King Satan, Fear Of Domination, Alien Vampires, Aborym, Aestethic Perfection, Larva, Leaether Strip, Blutengel

About Album

Format: CD | Digital
Country: Finland

“Graygarden” was released one year ago. The theme of the album was about denial of mortality. It was the follower to their debut album “Phosphor”.

Now the band is in the studio, creating their third album.

1. Stone in the Sky
2. Remote Warning
3. Bayonet of Her Arms
4. Insolence
5. Circuit in the Scars
6. Future Imperfect
7. Let Down
8. Inhale the Fire
9. Allegiance
10. Temple Behind the Shades

Aleksi Martikainen – Vocals.
Kimmo Huhtala – Synths.

Website: www.miseriaultima.com
Bandcamp: www.miseriaultima.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/miseriaultima
Youtube: www.youtube.com/miseriaultima
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5dreICjobUXpX6DT6J8fHi?si=x8tooxrCTj2h9qWctXEr0g
Instagram: www.instagram.com/miseriaultima
Twitter: www.twitter.com/miseriaultima
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/miseriaultima