Hidden from the Sun

Artist: Diesel Theory
Label: Full Scale Fire
Release Date: 18-6-2021
Genre: Metal
For fans of: Down, Crowbar, Prong, Gojira

About Album

Diesel Theory’s “Hidden from the Sun” is the follow-up to their first self-titled release. It is 11 original songs that are all connected by one simple fact, they are honest and heavy. The album is meant for the fans to feel the pain and emerge better, every word and note meant to heal.
We challenged ourselves by adding new textures with vocals, harmonies, keyboards, and our signature crushing guitar and bass performances. Each layer meant to compliment the words written. It sounds like Diesel Theory, not like anyone else.
Song titles and themes:
1. We Fall Away — (trauma, unable to keep it together, mental anguish, pain, loss, loss of hope)
2. Furthest From God — (seeing a person die, guilt, loyalty)
3. Key Is Pain — (making mistakes, unable to change time, poor communication, realizing it’s too late)
4. Make Me Wise — (lying, learning lessons, depression, revenge, self-deprecation)
5. Hidden from the Sun — (destroying a relationship, trying to put it back together)
6. Interlude (Dies Irae) — (inspired by a Latin hymn sung in a Mass for the dead)
7. My Role — (believing in things that are lies and then learning the truth)
8. Savage Attacks — (hypocrisy, betrayal, ignorance, compromise, revenge)
9. Ash Borer — (instrumental inspired by forest (tree) death by unnatural cause due to invasive species)
10. Drill — (a war/fight song, inspiration, call to action, avoidance)
11. Breathing Underwater – (about being in a prison cell, and thinking you are dreaming it, only to reveal something else and raging/freaking out about it)
In anticipation of the release of their ‘Hidden from the Sun’ album, New Jersey heavy metal veterans DIESEL THEORY premiere the song “Furthest from God” exclusively via Apple Music now! On the upcoming ‘Hidden from the Sun’ Album, the NJ duo delivers eleven brand new tracks that clock in over forty-two minutes. The songs are heavy, dark, fast, slow, and deeply moving.
Andrew Hendrickson & Thomas Jack: Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keys