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Initium Et Finis

Artist: Miseo
Label: FatKnob Rec.
Release Date: 1-2-2021
Genre: Death Metal

About Album

Format: Digital | CD
Country: Germany

After a 4-year break, death metallers Miseo are back with their new EP “Initium Et Finis”, to be released on February 1st via FatKnob Rec.

After their first album “Lunatic Confessions” in 2014, they aim to recruit listeners with their brute force of german Death Metal again. Still playing a classic style of old school american death metal, MISEO cleverly add some crust and core elements to maintain diversity.

The Gift
An Average Man
Orange Impostor
Castle Of Nightmares

Fernando (“Ferli”) Hermansa – Vocals, Guitar
André Rink – Bass
Timo Claas – Drums
Patrick Nördtling – Guitar

The album was recorded at FatKnob Recordings in Lahntal Germany. Technical concept, recording management and mix and master was done by Fernando Hermansa. The EP will be released in a limited edition of 300 pieces as a digipak-edition.

For fans of Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel…

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