Into Oblivion

Artist: Macabre Decay
Label: Grind to Death Records
Release Date: 18-6-2021
Genre: Death Metal
For fans of: Entombed, Dismember, Centinex and Interment

About Album

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andreas Baglien at Dorftrottel Productions. Artwork by Niklas Webjörn Persson.
Fredrik Gunnarsson (guitars)
Henka Andersson (vocals)
Henrik Edlund Ljung (bass)
Sami Mäki (lead guitars)
Martin Knutar (drums)
Swedish death metal with Centinex vocalist Henka Andersson. Classic filthy osdm for fans of Interment, Entombed, Dismember and Centinex. No bullshit, just death metal.
Three singles out, all three available on Bandcamp and Spotify. One having a lyric video made (see link below for video).
Kräks, Förruttnelse och Våld
Macabre Decay
Grind to Death Records

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