Lifeless Obsession

Artist: Soul Grinder
Label: MDD Records
Release Date: 4-6-2021

About Album

After the success of the debut album “Chronicles Of Decay,” the extreme metallers Soul Grinder will release “Lifeless Obsession”, a 5-track EP, on June 4th via MDD Records.
Like on the predecessor there is finest Death Metal, from Blast-Speed-Attacks over groovy steamrolls to mystic hymns. Without straying too far from the core of brutal death metal, the band offers an enormous range and a varied and entertaining listening experience.
The band once again features a guest appearance from Nachtgarm (Negator) on “Night’s Bane (Nyktophobia)”. Lifeless Obsession offers 5 hard-hitting tracks to bridge the waiting time until the next full album!
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