Maha Kali

Artist: N’Zwaa
Release Date: 4-5-2019

About Album

Eight tracks of worship to the divine mother Kali. A frenzy of psychedelic black metal and ritual noise. Mixing classic death metal and black metal riffing, laden with thrash divebombs and shredding solos. With field recordings of rituals captured by Mahesh Das in India by the sacred Gange River.
“Maha Kali” was slowly recorded over 3 years. This album is a clear departure from the meditative harsh noise of Let the Earth Rotate/Let the Cosmic Fabric Flow and into a more death metal territory. With direct worship to Hindu Devi Kali Maa, the album consists entirely of Kali mantra chanting in Hindi. With the exception of “Kali Ma Jayanti” having the only English spoken on the album, it is a direct translation of the mantra. The track titled “Aarti” was recorded directly from the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi, India by Mahesh Das himself. The photograph on the back cover was taken by Mahesh Das when he was darshan of Baba Keshar Nath Ji. It is the entrance of the cave Baba Keshar Nath has taken refuge in for the past 20 years in preparation for his mahasamādhi (conscious spiritual leaving of one’s body).
N’Zwaa is the black/death metal project of American musician Nick Filth under the name Mahesh Das which was given to him by his spiritual teacher in India. The name N’Zwaa is taken from Graham Masterton’s The Djinn. The project began in 2013 with a self-titled two-song demo. In 2016 N’Zwaa released the full-length black metal/noise/ industrial Let The Earth Rotate/Let The Cosmic Fabric Flow on cassette.
1. Om
2. Kali Ma Jayanti
3. Kali Gayatri
4. Jaadoo Se Dushman Ko Maar Daalo
5. Aarti
6. Maha Kali
7. Kali Devi Ko Prasan Karo
8. Adya Dhyanam
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