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Artist: Kaisas
Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Release Date: 22-2-2019
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
For fans of: Def Leppard/W.A.S.P./Dokken/Bonfire

About Album

Format: Digital | CD
Country: United States

2019 saw the return of Kaisas, with a new album titled “Martyria”. The album came out 5 years after it’s predecesor “Degitalize”, from the same label, Sleaszy Rider, in Greece. The line up has changed again. This time next to Babis Kaisas on guitars and bass, was multi-experienced Greek drummer, Fotis Nestor Canister, and newcomer British singer Gordon MacIntonsh. Fotis had worked on numerous albums and bands througout his 30 year career. Gordon had done everything from opera, to country music, but “Martyria” was his first recorded shot at rock’n’roll glory.

The band’s first return to the spotlight, was on January 8th 2019,, with a song written in memory of one of Babis’ guitar heroes, Mr Steve “Steamin’” Clark.

The album was a progression from the previous two, pushing more into the speed/thrash metal direction in certain tracks, without losing the melody.

After 2 years the band is looking for reviews and interviews in order to promote “Martyria“.

1. Calling From Another World
2. Burnin’ Wheels O’ Fire
3. Bloody Red
4. Cold Feelings
5. For Freedom
6. Filthy Lyin’ System
7. Can’t Fight In Dreams
8. Steamin’
9. Meet Cpt. Death
10. Whores Of Babylon
11. Can’t Hide The Pain
12. Heaven Denied
13. Modern Day Apocalypse

Gordon MacIntosh – Vocals
Babis Kaisas – Guitars/Bass
Fotis Nestor Canister – Drums

Each band member recorded from his own studio. Gordon in Scotland, Babis in California (where he lives now), and Fotis in Greece.
The album was mixed/mastered at Valve Studios, in Thessaloniki, Greece, by Strutter, and Babis Kaisas.
Fotis also did a lot of pre-production on it.

Website: www.kaisasband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kaisasband
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/MrKaisas
Twitter: @kaisasband