Mind of a New God

Label: Xtreem Music
Release Date: 1-6-2021

About Album

After the death of guitarist and one of the founding members Chad Bailey, as well as brother of singer/bassist Pat Bailey, in September 2016, coinciding with the release of KILLING ADDICTION’s last release to date, the EP “Shores of Oblivion”, the remaining members carried on in his memory, and in fact, the title of the new album is the same as the last song they wrote with Chad before his passing. For the recording of “Mind of a New God,” the band returned to the same studio where they recorded their last two: the Helton Music Studios. The artwork was done by Samuel Araya, who has done work for albums by bands such as CRADLE OF FILTH, ELVENKING, DARK MOOR, etc.
Chris Wicklein – guitar (1989-1994, 2006–present)
Pat Bailey – bass, vocals, (1989-1994, 2006–present)
Chris York – drums (1992–1994, 2013–present)
Devon McDonough – guitar (2020-present)