Artist: Omega
Label: Dusktone
Release Date: 23-4-2021

About Album

OMEGA, one of the darkest and most mysterious bands is back with a new concept album with the hermetic title “Nebra“.A mystical and abysmal journey into the most hidden enigmas of our universe. From Mesopotamia to Ireland, from China to North America, our planet is strewn with megalithic structures united by a terrible and apocalyptic design that is lost in the mists of time.
Nebra,” tells all this with an extremely particular vision, combining Black Metal, Avantgarde and Dark Ambient in a mix as hypnotic and devastating as it is intricate and disturbing; a one of a kind of musical journey that is intertwined in four very long songs full of hidden messages and encrypted codes to decipher.
An album to be appreciated also visually through a visionary artwork that introduces us to the delusional world of OMEGA.
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