Artist: Sieta
Label: Earth And Sky Productions
Genres: Black metal, Folk Metal
For fans of: Moonsorrow, Nokturnal Mortum, Temnozor, Ensiferum...

About Album

Novgorod” tells the story of the ancient city of Novgorod, which resisted the Knyaz during the baptism of Rus and started an uprising. The album combines folk and black metal elements to show the contrast between paganism and Christianity. They also achieved this through the lyrics, which are written in two ancient languages: Old Russian and Old Church Slavonic.
The band already released two singles. You can listen to both singles on the band’s YouTube channel.
Sieta – Кънѧꙁь (Knyaz):
Sieta – Нашь дѹхъ (Our Spirit):
Aleksandr Mokin – vocals, recorder
Sergey Stepanenko – guitar
Viktor Khaychenko – bass
Dmytro Herasymov – drums
Artemiy Gorchakov – back vocals